10 Week Challenge
A 10 Week Commitment to Build the Foundations of a Better Life.
  • Online Community Support group for connecting with your online coach and other PD Warriors.
  • Online 10 week challenge content with weekly emails and webinar content to keep you on track
  • Access to the 10 Core exercises to show you how to exercise effectively for your Parkinson’s
  • Weekly exercise tips and ideas to keep things fresh
  • Exclusive badge for people who complete the 10 Week Challenge
  • Self-assessment forms if you are doing PD Warrior independently (your instructor will assess you otherwise) Curated blog content
  • Instructional 10 Week Challenge workbook that gives you a workout road map
  • Access to 10 new weekly exercise videos that each give you 60 minutes of Parkinson’s specific exercise to get you moving at your best. That is 20 new exercises!
  • Monthly exclusive webinar invitation to listen in to scientists, academics, health professionals and people living with Parkinson’s.
  • Special equipment and event offers
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